Tuesday, September 30, 2014


New Zine, new hardware, new buttons, new paper stickers, new crewneck'd sweatshirts, new hand shaped cruisers, new sessions, old friends, Jay Buck Jam, new weather, new pumpkins, new Halloween costumes, new local website, and keep going.............

morico pics...

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Where are we going?"

Robbie Collins compound in Warner Robins, GA is the jam. We took about 15 dudes and Robbie didn't flinch. Open arms. His wife Vicky and buddy Vaughn killed it with the food, sweet tea and hospitality. Reggie, alone, ate 5 burgers, 3 hotdogs, 2 brats, 5 cups of sweet tea and there was still food left over. The session was consistently heavy with the "intermediate" crowd taking to the ramp after Gage, Shane, Reggie and Eli would get tired. Golf balls and shooting beer cans in trees were the outside interest. Dubbed as a drunk Mikey Ralph as the "Biggest mini-ramp in the world" or "The smallest vert ramp ever", it was outta control and too fun. Thanks for the food, ramp, jams, beer and breakfast. His kid Colby is a lucky mofo. Hope you guys got Josh Butler's stench out from the family sedan....it was his birthday. I guess we know how that goes at 24 years old....Thanks Robbie!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rad! Get Down Right Evil

Chris Bradley is the man. I've never not been stoked seeing this dude around. Even when he would bust into Seaboard, wake me up, turn on Matlock at 9am and tell me to get up. He's a rad human. Stories could go for days. He loves skateboarding. Too much probably. But he's got this Get Rad shop in Athens that sits beside the 40 Watt. It's small. Like tiny in comparison to "todays skate shops". It shares space with a solid record store. And it reminds me of a shop that you'd walk into from the 80's. There's no flashy watches or Nike limited BS anywhere. Skateboards behind the counter. Wheels, trucks, stickers and shit in the display case.........

...Fuck, wrong direction, I must have thought this was Yelp! look, Bradley rips. He threw some ramps and stuff out in the middle of the street a couple of weekends ago and called it a contest. If your not down with shit like that then you probably won't be a fan of the store and did good by going to the Street League demo that was on the same day. Skateboarding isn't rocket science. You do things you feel and hope people can vibe off that. Get Rad is an amazing shop. If you're close you should stop in.

.....I'd give 'er 5 stars, I'd s'pose....

Scott Wagoner's new site is this..... If you miss AHU, keep looking here.....http://www.downrightevil.com/

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chris Head's not a racist....but I may be. I'm still looking into it.

I went to eat at a Hibachi kinda restaurant where they have these Japanese dudes cook your food at the table. The restaurant had all the decor, waitresses, door greeters, Saki and food that you would stereotype Japan with. The dude came out to cook the food with the whole "O hai. I maka yu fewd" kinda shit. "O japaneze fiyah woks" And all that jazz. 
....Of course a bunch of white people, my family included, clapping hands and exclaiming "Yea! Yea! Look Kingston, look!". We paid up and left. I thought for a second at what a show these places always are and thought.....wait a damn minute. These dudes dress up and do they're song and dance as a stereotypical Japanese thing and we sit there and laugh at the funny accent. We clapped our hands when they say "O wook, japanese fiyah twuk. Woo-uh. Woo-uh." We drink Saki bombs. We ask them to tie up chopsticks so my 5 year old can have "the experience" of Japanese dining. 
....Of all the PC bullshit in the world today, no one's made a stand or remark about this?! It's not like I give a shit, if people wanna blow out their perceived stereotypes, let 'em. 
...If you were to glance at this picture of Chris Head, you wouldn't assume it was him. He's not doing a 180 nosegrind or a noseblunt. It's a steep banked nollie. Break out of your stereotype dudes. Don't keep asking the people in your life, "yu won fwie wice?" 

Friday, August 8, 2014


...A very proper edit of some of the rad that the Bell South Building has put out over the years. The energy that you get from being there is unexplainable. It wasn't made for skating and I salute whoever the architect is that created this amazing plaza. These shirts were created based off the last 20 year relationship that I've personally had with my favorite skate spot. 5 minutes or 2 hours, Bell is an incredible hit.
....John Willis came through with the edit.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Truly one of my favs from my youth. I never really saw videos(excluding Now-N-Later) or too many magazine pics from my isolation in Jones County, but I knew of him through my Woodward visits. I was lucky enough to sneak into his and some other really insane mini ramp rippers while I was just a knee pad, helmet and hip pads kid with no good reason to be in there with them. But it was remarkable. It was definitely thought process altering in regard to skateboard riding. After those couple of years at camp, I would see things here and there. Slap Mag stuff mostly. But I'd wish to see it in person, just once more. It's that fuggin' awesome. I got to hang with him briefly at a bar in Tampa while I was with the Hazard crew in the early-mid 2000's and it was like meeting a superhero. After that, he had stuff in that Ipath Promo vid which was killer.....but yeah. This is sick. I've watched this probably 20 times. 
...I'm in the same mindset of Chad Kramer that I am with Barker....so I'm a start praying for that dude to put his feet on a skateboard and onto a transitional surface because, wow, that MF'er is amazing too.
...Oh, throw Wilburn in there. Chad Vogt. Matt Dove. Shit, Sterling Ruby! Ok, I'm losing focus.....BARKER BARRETT!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bell Tees....

Former namesBellSouth Building
Southern Bell Telephone Building
General information
Location675 W Peachtree St NW
AtlantaGA 30308
Coordinates33.77268°N 84.38692°W
Roof206.4 m (677 ft)
Technical details
Floor count47
Design and construction
ArchitectSkidmore, Owings & Merrill
EngineerWeidlinger Associates