Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nashville dudes.....

Bleak times in the 90's here. Well, for me. I was solo in Jones County and the only skateboard faggot in high school. It didn't take much to get stoked. I had nothing but old videos and old skate mags to keep it going. The level went up when this segment popped up on MTV Sports hosted by that Dan Cortese guy who later played Tony in that one Seinfeld episode and who's energy and excitement to make anything eXtreme led me and a couple high school buds to invent multiple eXtreme sports. The favorite was Hackie Sack where we split out over the parking lot and just kicked the shit out of it to each other yelling how eXtreme it was.
 The skating was good (to me) at the time and although I didn't know where the hell Nashville was, there were dudes who looked like me skating with other dudes. The part where they go find shit out of the junkyard and build ramps in the parking lot was excellent! As I can see now, it was probably staged and permitted but as a kid, I wanted that. Build your own shit. Make your own scene. Through the insane shots, uncomfortable speaking segments and trippy effects, MTV couldn't edit out the love and commitment these dudes had for skating.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Video of the year.

Rico's vids.....

Hazard County has been around for a long damn time in relation to indoor skateparks. Big thanks to Jonah Owings and the boys out in McDonough, GA!

...Some David Morico stuff he filmed in the frozen weeks of the past few.
...He got some more video stuff, here....

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Doug K.

 The Midwest, Cincinnati around our crews of dudes, have obviously put out a lot of stoke in skating through the years. Doug Korfhagen (sp?) has been an Atlanta generational favorite since the mid 90's off of his Solid Brand video part. Dudes with names like Buddy Best, Chris Head, Stormy, and Matt Creasy have all once called Doug one of their favorite skaters. Everything he's been involved in has been great.
....and more links here. Here. Here. And a personal favorite here.

Head gear.

New beanies in the store

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Traffic. Via.

Henry Panza is absolutely amazing. Rarely does a few trips and sessions leave such an impact on me 10 years later. This Traffic part from 2006 is a good glimpse into the way he does things. I've been watching this part intermittently since this video came out.