Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wesley did some stuff.

..Right. But that's not the point. It's easy to be stoked on dudes you see everywhere, get some brews with at 1am, smoke tweed with daily, gets free shit from companies that marketing has convinced you as worthy of cool, etc.... Skateboarding isn't the really cool underground shit we romanticize it as. It's basically high school. You got your cool guys. Lame-o's. Weirdo's. Dorks. Jocks. And the rest of the categories. When I met Wes, my first thought was this dude has got some serious shit going on. The next was, why is this mother fucker so nice? I try to be polite and attentive when dealing with people. People have even deemed me as a nice guy, which is great. But there needs to be a line. I talk too much. I'll talk to you about the dumbest skate shit ever, for ever, because I like it. I've had dudes just say, "Yo man. Shut up. We're supposed to be skating." And that's awesome. I like that. But Wes will just sit there, "Yeah" "Uh-huh" "Rad" and have a conversation with me and I start thinking, what's this dude's deal. Just too nice and polite. So, that's the goal for 2015. We're gonna snake him, call him a little bitch, kick our boards in his path just as he's about to try something, etc.... All the lame stuff cause I wanna hear something like, "Fuck off!" come from his mouth. It's gotta be in there. But be careful though. Dude works out, I think and if he can ollie stomach high naturally, those legs are gonna kill if he gets a Daniel-son style kick on ya.
..But yeah, you probably never heard of Wesley Lembo and that's alright. He's in the nerd group. I like the nerd group. Jocks and cool guys are fucking whack anyways. Always have been.
...Biff Tannen's a bitch.
...widdip.com isn't.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hazard County....

By far my favorite spot in the city to skate, aside from Bell walls, is the little DIY crust shit behind Hazard County. It's built off a water retention wall behind the bowl and houses the extras and scrap shit that Jona has saved up/hoarded. Built by the locals with boredom issues, it's pretty rad. Knee high, steep and chippy at the bottom. It's not the DIY you would normally see as it is all made by hand. Minimal knowledge, no pour trucks or significant income pays for this stuff, it's about as true to it as you could get. The ground is rough, it runs downhill and that's stuff I've always liked about spots.
..I met up with John on a Monday night, Kline let us lock up after ourselves when the park closed and he got the "We need ya home, Dad" call from the wifey. John was killing it with the angles, Morico talked the entire time, there was a lot of uphill pushing on my part and a good elbow slam to start it off and we were locking the gate back a couple of hours later. It's a Bender commercial. I guess the goal here is to show you guys that even on a heavy mid-30 year old's skateboard, Bender Hardware can keep trucks and wheels connected to your deck.
..Or, it was an excuse to get out and skate the shit out back of Hazard.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nip and Reggie chillin in Paradise.....

...'s new team montage! Git!! That's good shit.
...Nick Matlin and John Montessi, from what I'm told, are the dudes behind Paradise Wheels. Two amazing skaters from the great mess of a state, FL. I've met John a few times, each occasion I fanned out unfortunately, and knew Nick Matlin from days of shred and some Satori stuff. They make cool stuff. Lots of dudes from my generation are "on" or affiliated with them. I hope the best. They support Reggie and 'Nip, so I'm backing that for sure.
  This is from, I'm assuming, their video that's supposed to be out or coming out soon. Whichever. I hear that Matt Rodriguez is going to have a part, so you know my money will be spent on  it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Point Four-Two....

Last spring I had the chance to go out all day to try and skate a bit for the Threads video. I was asked for a couple things for David and Creasy's section. It was a blast man. Everything was moving fast. Meet up, boom, shake hands, do some shuvits and noseslides, off to the spot. "You like it? Is it worth a shit?" Off to the next one. "Over it, where else?" "Nah dude, fuck eating, let's keep going" "Woah, look, Mike Devine's at Black Blocks. We gotta stop by again." It was great. We ended up at the Rock Park where Matt did this fakie shuv into the rock. Also, David Clark did an insane wallie bounce over a rock. Morico was taking pics. We were looking and thinking. Scheming and planning. It was getting dark and my legs were about to fall off. I pushed up the hill to my car, stoked on the day. Found a parking ticket. Laughed and thought, "That's kinda perfect".

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jay Buck Jam 2014!!!

I miss Jay Buck. It's been 14 years this last Halloween. We've missed a couple of these during those years, but we've managed to keep it tight 98% of the time. A lot of people have lost skate buds over the years, as have we more than just Jay, so we tried to incorporate a "Lost Ones" type vibe this year so more than just the few remaining dudes can get there session in for close friends that were called too early. Hazard was down enough, as always, to host it, grill out and get some shirts done in memory of the lost amigos. It was great. The sessions are always heavy and I think it's one of the better events that happen in the city. Scott Wagoner always hooks the shit up with the footy and the edit...and everything about the day is always so rad......
....with that being said, this edit Scotty made for his downrightevil.com site, I love it. Super grateful and everything, but the Mr. Move tunes he incorporates into them are just too trigger point for me. From the first rip of the songs, I can instantly identify them and my brain immediately flood with memories of absolute ridiculous shit me and my dumb friends would do at the shows. It kinda goes like this when this edit hits the 5 seconds mark...."Oh shit, Reggie! I need 2 tall boys and 2 shots of Jager. And so does Scott. Hurry man, the fucking show's starting. Oh wait!! 3 extra beers to sling. Thanks, see ya in a minute!!!!" They were the most absurd times I've ever had. And some of the best. I wouldn't/couldn't relive any of them if I tried, but as my friendship with Jay, they were short, full of stoke and very true. I obviously miss Jay more than alcohol fueled blackouts of the Mr. Move shows, but they left a mark on me that hasn't been dulled. Just as the few years I had with Jason Andrew Buck.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Zine 5.

I made this. You can too. Tape, scissors, pictures and blank pieces of paper. Apply pictures to paper. Make a few different "pages". When you get it to where you like it, take it to somewhere like Kinkos and make some copies. They have a long stapler that you can borrow to make the pages stay in an order that you choose. Pass them around to people. Maybe you can sell a couple. The first one is gonna suck and take a while to make. After a couple of "issues" though, they'll get easier. Let me know how it goes. You already have one customer...me. Get to making something. You can do this. Today can be the day.

Monday, November 3, 2014


...coming in with them warm ups. This stuff is actually pretty gnarly for humans...and I'm not insinuating that this isn't gnarly. But if you've seen him in person.....well, these were just the mess arounds.
....Super stoked for all the recognition Reggie is starting to receive. I wish I could say I was surprised and overjoyed and all positive adjectives you can use to express awesomeness that a good ole boy and a 100% legit hearted kid is getting to do the things he's told me he's wanted for years.
"Man, I really just want to skateboard. Like forever, I think"
...We saw it from the first session. 3 old dudes taking a break from skating at the Columbus park. It was around Thanksgiving. It was chilly for sure. And we all agreed that whoever the fuck baby Gershon is over there sweating to death with a full beard should take that show on the road. Like most, we were blown away by the way he did things. 5 years later, others are getting to see the madness he calmly creates. When you see it in person, man..........it's not real.